Guidance Services Unit


Our mission is to provide guidance and counseling to students. It aims to help them become highly motivated, value-laden, responsible, resilient to life's challenges and cultivate a sense of pride and maturity.

Mercylyn L. Tanog, RGC

Head, Guidance Unit & Guidance Counselor

Ariel M. Tecson, RGC

Guidance Counselor

Jessica C. Daug

Guidance Counselor

Josie Jane F. Maghinay

Guidance Counselor

The SERVICES can be availed by visiting the office or by appointment. It is on the first come first serve basis. The client/s will be attended to by the Officer of the Day/ Student Assistant , sign the log-book and directed to the assigned counselor or to any available counselor.

Professional counselors are available to help students work through a wide variety of issues that they might be facing during their college experience. Confidential personal counseling is strictly observed . Students are also welcome for consultation and if necessary make referral to proper authorities / agencies.

Counseling Service provides support and guidance to students...

  • ...who are in crisis

  • ...undergoing mental health difficulties/ issues

  • their academic concerns (on probation, culled from the program/university), shifting, transfer to other schools &absenteeism/tardiness)

  • ...on their psychological and emotional assessment (strengths and weaknesses) in areas of personality and values

Hours & Appointments

Monday - Friday

8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m

or call 856-1738 local number 130

or by visiting Building 5 Room 107

To set an appointment online: