Student Affairs and Services

Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs provides a campus environment that engages students to develop their full potentials and well-being contributing to global progress and economy in relation to human capital development. Specifically, it creates a vibrant transformational leadership programs that will prepare students to the world of work, develop a well-disciplined individuals that will foster socially accepted behavior, and embrace proactive learning experiences that promotes resiliency, empathy, value laden and highly motivated individuals by providing a platform for human growth and development.

Maria Angeles D. Hinosolango, PhD

Director, Student Affairs

Jerwin S. Borres

Head, Student Welfare and Support Services

Mercylyn L. Tanog, RGC

Head, Guidance Services Unit

Joel O. Abratiguin

Prefect of Discipline

Ariel M. Tecson

Guidance Counselor

Jessica C. Daug

Guidance Counselor

Josie Jane F. Maghinay

Guidance Counselor

Annalie U. Velez


Millicent Mary D. Oclarit,RN


Contact Information


Mobile Number: +63926-905-3363